What is Kids’ Chance of New York?

Kids’ Chance of New York is a tax-exempt, charitable organization created with the purpose to provide scholarships for college and vocational education to children of New York workers who have been fatally or seriously injured in a work-related accident, resulting in financial need.

Which children are eligible for the scholarships?

The Kids’ Chance of New York scholarship is intended to assist in obtaining a vocational, college, or post-graduate education for financially needy, qualified, and deserving students. Students may not be older than 25 years of age. Students must have had a parent or guardian who has suffered a serious or fatal accidental injury or occupational disease while working for a New York employer.

How long is this scholarship for?

The scholarship is good for one school year, and may be contingent upon grades. The applicant must reapply for the scholarship to continue. Renewals are contingent upon availability of funds.

What does the scholarship cover?

Scholarship awards vary and depend largely on the needs and educational expenses of the student. Scholarships may cover tuition, books, supplies, housing, meals and other expenses not covered by other grants and/or Scholarships. Scholarships are paid directly to the educational institution.

When do I need to submit the application?

The Applications are accepted anytime during the year, but must be filed at least three months before the scholarship is needed.

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